*Incredible Illustrations* – Shaun Tan.

It’s Friday, it’s the end of the week, I’m (as always) finishing off a book or five ready for a weekend review, and, after reading words, writing words, editing words, loving words, hating words and basically living inside words every single day of the week, I find it quite nice just to look at a pretty picture. (A pretty picture in a book, all the same, but still a pretty picture).

*Disclaimer – ‘pretty’ can mean a lot of things and will not always correspond to actual prettiness. I like weird drawings too.

So, instead of a wordy post (this one doesn’t count), occasionally a beautiful illustration from somewhere in the whole entire world of publishing will get its own post here on Reader.Writer.Nerd, with only a few simple notes on what it is and where it’s come from and who it’s by. I might choose from children’s books, travel books, limited edition Classics, general book covers, or the catalogues of up and coming illustrators. Any and all of them will be things I’m incredibly jealous of and wish I’d drawn myself. I guess this is a slightly different version of a ‘Cover Lover’ type feature, a brilliant idea you can see more of over on Hannah’s blog – she really does find some gems!

And so to stop this turning into an OVERLY wordy post, here is the very first Incredible Illustration to be showcased on R.W.N:

Taken from Tales From Outer Suburbia, written and illustrated by Shaun Tan.

OK, the very first post did turn out to be on the weird side of pretty. I said I liked weird. In fact, Tales From Outer Suburbia as a whole looks INCREDIBLY weird and wonderful and beautiful, and I’ll probably be buying it to read, as well as stare at. I mean, just LOOK at the pages:

Absolutely definitely incredible. 

Shaun Tan is wonderful. He also wrote/illustrated The Red Tree, which is one of my absolute favourite books ever, and where I first came across him many years ago.

More about Shaun and his extensive illustration catalogue can be found on his blog here.


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