FEATURE! ‘The Final Sentence’.

Long before I had this blog, long before I even knew I wanted to work with books and publishing, I had a tumblr account. I actually still have a tumblr account. I like tumblr as a way to collect stuff, I think of it as having an unfathomably large bedroom wall on the internet. I post things about Harry Potter and Doctor Who and Van Gogh and grammar and anime and writing and the Avengers and films and BOOKS.

One of the things I post a lot are submissions from The Final Sentence, a tumblog of last lines from some of the worlds hundreds upon thousands upon millions of books. There are quite a lot of bookish wordy nerdy pages on tumblr, and this one is one of my favourites. It’s not even that spoiler-y, because the range of books featured go from the weird to the foreign to the familiar to the wonderful and back again, so it’s very rare that you come across the final line of a book you’re currently reading or dying to read. What you will come across are words, words in their most beautiful, sad, angry, amazing and remarkable states.

Seriously, I can waste hours on there, refreshing the ‘random sentence’ tag. And so, I figure it’s time everyone else who loves books and reading and who really should be doing more useful things with their hours did the same. And for those who might already know about it, and have wasted hours in the past, GO BACK ON IT. NOW.

I am. And I’m not sorry. You’re with me on how brilliant it is, right?

Here are a few of my favourite final sentences:

I am a writer, and this is my first book – that I can never publish.
– Nadine Gordimer, My Son’s Story

 Though these mornings, I wish books loved back.
– Sandra Cisneros, Bay Poem From Berkeley

In New Orleans – if you could get to New Orleans – would the music be loud enough?
– Annie Dillard, An American Childhood

And I like to imagine that just before the shrapnel hit, she stopped, with her hand on a doorknob, balancing on one foot, thinking she had just heard the beginning of a song.
– Bohdan Piasecki, Almost Certainly

This is not the end, either: despite human protest, the end of the end goes on indefinitely.
– Mendal Johnson, Lets Go Play At The Adams

Have you ever come across The Final Sentence? What would you submit?



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