A Rather Bookish Birthday!

So, it was my birthday on Monday! I’m 22 now! Although I’ll have probably missed changing my age on at least one social media profile, so if you come across me still being 21 anywhere, it’s a lie. I’m 22, I PROMISE.

This is also the first birthday since my 18th that I’ve not spent living with friends, so although it was a little strange, it was lovely and chilled and rather nice for my parents and sister to be able to spend the actual day with me, rather than fitting into my uni/gigging/going out schedule I’ve had going on for the past 4 years! As most of my bestest friends are scattered across the country at the moment, either with work or further study, I decided to embrace having a ‘stay at home’ day before going out for a Wagamama’s with my family and boyfriend Charlie, and besides, it was a Monday night, so that meant Lewis was on! (Yes, as well as being obsessed with Scandi noir and crime fic, I also LOVE really cheesy brilliant crime dramas…)

My favourite cards

My favourite cards

All in all, then, it was a rather nice, and rather bookish, kind of day – as you can probably guess, embracing a ‘stay at home’ day and taking time off from freelance OBVIOUSLY meant I was going to bury myself in a book or six! I started a brilliant new arc that was sent to me at the weekend from Constable & Robinson (more on that to come in a later post), caught up on a few blogs, read the newest issue of Oh Comely magazine (if you haven’t heard of this before, seriously go buy it, it’s beautiful) and popped out to a local cafe for a brunch of tea and caramel shortbread squares with my mum, before reading a bit more and then heading off to Sheffield for noodly goodness. I was lucky enough to get some amazing and thoughtful presents from family and Charlie, all being very, very me – and as the majority relate in some way to books and reading, I thought it wouldn’t be overly self-indulgent or vain to showcase them here on R.W.N so you can all be excited with me!

Without further ado, turning 22 brought with it….

birthday 4A Kindle Paperwhite from my parents! Now, I know I’ve been very much inside the ‘print books are better’ camp ever since these things came out, but over the past few months I’ve started to realise that I really should have one if I’m going to run a blog/review advance copies that often are only available in eformat. Plus, I’m hoping to get a permanent job and move away during the course of this year, and expect to be commuting to and from home and work; something that I will concede a kindle would be perfect for. Besides, now I’ve got it, I’ve fallen a bit in love with it, and am having to stop myself spending ALL my money on the pesky little ‘store’ button… I also really need a name for it, and am so far debating the merits of Fawkes, Jean Valjean, Potts or Beedle…

birthday-5-e1360151255360A gorgeous leather-esque bound notebook for all my own scribbles and ideas from Charlie, along with possible the cutest dinosaur earrings I’ve ever seen (one’s a diplodocus, one’s a stegosaurus), and a REALLY COOL THING that is apparently a sort of ‘handyman belt’ for books; you can slot pens and bookmarks and stuff into into and then velcro it round a stack of books or your notebook in order to be all creative and wordy on the go! Also, it looks a bit like another dinosaur. Which I like very much. He did good.

birthday 2MY VERY OWN LIBRARY! See there on the right? Yep, my wonderful housemates from my time at Uni clubbed together and sent me a parcel with AN ACTUAL LIBRARY in it. And a brand new Scandi book and a dinosaur pillow. They are truly wonderful friends.

birthday 8A ‘ginger’ handbag from my sister and a royal blue patent purse again from my parents. My sister, being blonde, has they very witty nickname of ‘ginge’ for me, and it’s a running joke that she insists on buying me something orange whenever she can – and coincidentally I’d actually spied this bag a few months ago and lusted after it ever since, so this time she did extra good! And it fits my kindle and new notebook in perfectly. And the blue purse means that I can carry around my favourite colour combination ALL THE TIME. Hello Portal-esque fashion.


SAMSUNGSome geeky bits and pieces from my grandparents, who also got me a rum scented candle and a polka dot umbrella, and made me a MILKYBAR TREE instead of a cake! (See below). I love stocking fillers, and these ones tie in so well with my main presents – I can use the pen in my new notebook, and clip Ned Stark’s face onto EVERY BOOK EVER. Excellent.

birthday 3The Milkybar Tree! There’s enough mini bars on here to have one every day for over a month. Who else can say their cake lasted a month!? Heh.

yaki udonAnd whilst we seem to have deviated from bookish things to food, here is what I call my plate of ‘Perfect Noodles’ and what Wagamama’s calls Yaki Udon‘. Seriously, they taste perfect.

So, that was my day! I’m extremely grateful to all my family, friends and Charlie for giving me a lovely time and some lovely gifts, and am super excited to get stuck into reading/writing/drawing ALL THE THINGS! I’ve already finished two short novellas on my kindle, stamped a book using my ‘library’ to lend to my cousin, doodled tortoises with Luke Skywalker and allowed the dinosaurs to move permanently onto my earlobes, and so short of an actual live tortoise, I don’t know what else a 22 year old book nerd could possibly want or need. This one is extremely happy!

Oh, and thanks to everyone who also wished me happy birthday on Twitter or Facebook! If you can recommend any ebooks or come up with any alternative names to go on my kindle shortlist, feel free to comment and let me know! I’m off to read….again….


4 thoughts on “A Rather Bookish Birthday!

    • Thanks! Haha, yep I can use it to it’s full advantage now! I was taking ages to read my approved titles as I hated reading on my PC screen, now I can devour them all! ;D


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