About Me.



I’m Sarah.

I’m 22, a freelance proofreader/copywriter, Classics graduate and self-confessed booknerd.

I currently live in England in a little room half-underground, filled with piles of books and rather too many soft toy dinosaurs. I was once described rather aptly as ‘an educated magpie’.

I love to read more than anything else. My most read genres are Crime, Fantasy, Thrillers, SF, Scandinavian Noir (I’m a *huge* Scandiphile), and Contemporary Fiction. Chances are I’ll have one of each on the go at any given time. You can find out what I’m currently reading by checking out my Goodreads account…feel free to recommend me stuff!

When I’m not buried under books I enjoy watching films, playing videogames, writing, seeing live gigs and sketching. My current life-goals are to own a Weasley jumper and learn how to say more than ‘Thanks’ ‘Goodbye’ and ‘But why is the rum gone?!’ in Danish. I pretty much live through words, and nothing makes me happier than seeing them done well. I don’t own a tortoise yet, but when I do, he’s probably going to be called Magnus.

I’m mostly known as LovelyStrumpet around the internet, although I’m much more lovely than strumpet. The strumpet part is a (completely innocent) moniker from years ago that I haven’t yet had the heart to abandon. I’d tell you the story, but it’s not very good. If you find me anywhere, say hi! If you type with Proper Words, we’ll probably get on.

Hej hej! =]

And here’s me as Yoda. (Not a regular occurrence):


2 thoughts on “About Me.

    • Heh, I do talk on there a LOT, and I’ve had my account for a couple of years… blogging really helped me network with interesting and fabulous people who I might previously not have come across as well, and I tend to follow people from the ‘fandoms’ I’m in – films, games, books etc – so there’s always a lot to say and get involved with!

      I can’t really give any other advice than just to tweet lots, and link interesting looking pages, and seek out people with similar interests! And then be utterly and completely bemused when they all actually reply 😉


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