Review Policy.

I’m currently open to accepting requests and offers.

I will accept mail from first time authors, established authors, self published authors (as long as most spelling and grammar is correct), publicity mailing lists, booksellers and marketing agents.

I will always review every book with complete honesty, and give a fair and detailed appraisal of plot, writing style, characters and overall story. My reviews will always be the independent opinions of myself, any affiliated or gifted books will be treated the same as books I choose myself.

My preferred genres are Crime, Thriller, Fantasy, SF, Scandinavian Noir, Contemporary Fiction, and Young Adult, though I will consider offers from outside these genres on a book-to-book basis. I love children’s books and have close links to a pre-school establishment, so will happily accept any such titles for a brief review/promotion, again on a book-to-book basis.

I will not read misery memoirs, horror, erotica and non-fiction.

I will endeavour to read requested books as quickly as possible, and would advise anyone to expect a 3 week delay maximum between me receiving a book and publishing my review.

Requests can be sent to, where I will be happy to discuss your offers and propositions. I can also be found on twitter and facebook, and of course will always reply to comments left on this blog!



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